Web Development

Web Development

Web Applications involve a wide range of services and custom application development approach. Custom web applications have become a necessity for businesses to adapt to the market changes. Desktop applications are almost either evolving into web-based systems or dying. Web applications can be easy or complex one depending on the scope and requirements. However the development process is much easier compared to the what it was before. There are many web application frameworks available nowadays as open source which enable rapid application development and rich user experience. The use of web application frameworks reduces the number of errors in a program, both by making the code simpler, and by allowing one team to concentrate just on the framework. In applications which are exposed to constant hacking attempts on the Internet, security-related problems can be caused by errors in the program. Frameworks can also promote the use of best practices.  Most importantly applications developed using frameworks are cost effective and are completed much faster than developing applications from scratch.

Benefits of web applications:

  • Web applications do not require any complex "roll out" process and shortens the software lifecycle. A compatible web browser is all that is needed.
  • Very little or no hard disk space required
  • Usually there is nothing to deploy or install
  • Web applications integrate easily into other server-side web procedures, such as email and searching.
  • They also provide cross-platform compatibility in most cases (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) because they operate within a web browser window.
How can we help?
We can help you with developing the goals and objectives for your web application. After a clear understanding of the scope and features we help with the user interface design, architecture and development of the application. Our core expertise lies in Java, PHP/MySQL, AJAX and other Web 2.0 methodologies. We specialize in Drupal as open source content management frameworks. 

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