Search, Recommendations, Data Analytics and Taxonomies

Search, Recommendations, Data Analytics and Taxonomies

We take pride in our expertise in the areas of Search Engines, Recommendation Systems, Data Analytics, Taxonomies and related technologies.  In this domain, we provide architecture consulting as well as software development services.  Not only are we proficient in building systems & software in this domain, but have innovated to the level that we have filed 3 US Patents (Filed with US Patent Office in 2011) in this arena.

Search/Information Retrieval

Search is our strength and area of passion. Under the umbrella of Search, we excel in developing search software for e-commerce platforms over Apache Solr and Apache Lucene. Search Relevance and Relevancy Results Fine Tuning are our forte. We have ample experience in Search Performance including sub second Query performance as well as Index Optimization. Our team has provided webinars to the Solr Community on various search topics. Our team has also been a speaker at the Apache LuceneCon held in Boston, USA (Oct,2010) on the topic of Solr Performance Optimizations.
Recommendation Systems

Search and IR evolve into Recommendation Systems. Ecommerce Platforms require customized Product Recommendations to increase user engagement. We have built recommendation systems ourself and have first hand experience with numerous machine learning algorithms commonly employed in Recommendation Systems.

Data Analytics & Taxonomies

Every Data Mining project involves customized data and extensive analysis of the unique data set.  Information Retrieval Tuning and excellence requires a developing a taxonomy to achieve optimal search relevance. With indepth Data Analytics, we work with the clients to develop a customized taxonomy.

Webinar on Apache Solr presented by 10jumps partner (ex-Cisco):

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