Web design

Web design

Every great business launches with a professionally designed website. Internet has redefined the way of doing business. Company’s website is the gateway to business opportunities. An online presence has become indispensable. Website is more than the face of a business. It is the market perception.  A successful design demands a conceptual clarity, professional and dynamic website and capabilities of communicating with potential customers and partners.

Web design includes the structure of the website, content, navigation, layout, theming and branding. With growing needs in the information technology field there is a strong tendency to distinguish between web design and web development. Web design is more of graphic design and styling to provide them with high quality consumer interactivity, usability features and aesthetic qualities.

How can we help?

At 10jumps, we can help with the design and development of the website. Our work starts with developing a clear strategy for the website so that the objectives of web design can be fulfilled.  The goal is to design the website that would help promote your business and build a visible brand online. 

We can help you achieve it by

  • Develop wireframes and mockups

  • develop content for the website

  • Branding of the website: logo design, icons and images

  • Web site’s  performance management

  • Usability study and suggestions of the website

copyright 2012 10jumps Llc.

copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.