Support that matters

Support that matters

Support is an integral part of our company’s value proposition. We understand that once we undertake any project we start a relationship with our customers. This relationship does not end after the delivery of the project. So we include support and customer service as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement.

We offer support packages depending on your custom requirements. Ranging from support from few hours per month to more comprehensive support, we cover all the needs of the clients.

Time and Material - we provide our support based on pre-negotiated rates for your software development and design needs.

Block Hours - We provide our support and service in block of hours. This type of support is based on negotiated a discounted rate and a fixed number of hours to use either per month or year. This allows flexibility to use the hours without doing the paperwork and the hassle of paying multiple bills.

Managed Services - We also provide on-site project management and technology consulting as a part of our managed services.

Some of the smaller or simpler sites do not require extensive and continuous support. We understand that and provide packages that are feasible for the businesses. Often, after we deliver the project we also provide consulting and training to your resources who would be working on the product in your company.

copyright 2012 10jumps Llc.

copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.