Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The concept of online marketing has is also referred as web markeing, i-marketing, internet marketing or E-marketing. It is the marketing of products or services over the internet. Online marketing includes Search Engine marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), banner ads on websites, E-mail marketing, e-newsletters, viral marketing via social media network, blogs and press releases. Social media marketing is also a part of online marketing which is trend to follow. It is also called viral marketing.

Online marketing is inexpensive as compared to traditional print media. The results can be achieved quicker and are measured easily with the help of different methods i.e. pay per impression, pay per click, and pay per play. 
How can we help?
We can help with the online marketing of your business:

  • e-mail marketing

  • e-newsletter for your website

  • blog integration

  • creatre social media presence for your busines

  • expand your audience virally through Facebook's social ads. Reach out to 500M+ active users with powerful, scaleable targeting options.

  • Developing surveys

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copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.