Content management

Content management

Our sites are built on powerful open source technologies. While this decreases costs for the clients, certain CMS like Drupal also have very usable content management and publishing capabilities. This system allows you, the site administrator, to control the content of your site independently without the need to contact your web development firm or to learn markup or scripting languages.


What you see is what you get

All the text editing interfaces have a WYSIWYG editor that offer an interface similar to what you are used to with modern word processors such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. In a few clicks you can add, change and format the content of your site.

Add and manage file, images

Our solutions also include ability to upload and manage your files with ease and an intuitive interface. You can manage what kinds of files should be uploaded and what is the maximum file size allowed.


Other cool standard features

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize the site architecture and content so that the search engines can list your site higher in the search results.

Forums: Discussion forums for your users

Collaboration: Allow users to create groups so that they can collaborate around content and discussions.

Contact forms: Customizable 'Contact us' forms

Notifications: Built in mechanism for sending email notifications based on different actions

Spam protection: Inbuilt protection from spam protection

Performance management: We understand the importance of your web site response times. Therefore all our solutions are built with high performance and scalability in mind.

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copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.