Affordable solutions

Affordable solutions

Many small business usually just want a good, interactive website to which they can easily add functionality and features. But either they have to hire really expensive consultants for that or have a friend help them. Either scenarios don't really work out in long term.


Over time we have built best practices and out of the box solutions for many types of websites. This reduces the overall cost for the clients because they don't have to pay for all the custom work. Moreover we use a lot of open source, avoiding steep licensing costs.

Easy to add new content

The way out sites are designed and built adding new content is a breeze. There is no technical expertise required and usually a WYSIWYG editor is enough. Maintaining content becomes not only easy but also cheap for the clients.

Fast turn around

We have partners who specialize in certain domains like design, art work or content creation. This helps us deliver quality websites on time, while leveraging experts for the job. You are shielded from this complexity and we deliver the turn-key project.

copyright 2012 10jumps Llc.

copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.