Yes you got it right! That is what we want you to do ... enjoy and relax while we help you build your dreams into solutions!

Our philosophy is to provide well integrated solutions that work seamlessly between the mobile applications and web applications. Cloud is the common platform for all the solutions.

Our solutions live ON DEVICES, IN THE CLOUD, ON-DEMAND and/or  ON-PREMISE!

Businesses are getting more savvy about their web presence. And mobile in the centric strategy in enabling smart applications. It's not about having static content on the site anymore. There are flavors of e-commerce, user interaction and integration with social web applications like Twitter and Facebook. 

Moreover, it is important for the sites to be found and ranked high by search engines and be well designed in the flow and aesthetics. Therefore all our web applications are SEO (search engine optimized).


The hosting provider should be sophisticated to scale up the site when the traffic surges and vice versa. 

There are several moving parts in an effective website and it can be quite overwhelming for a small business to manage all these. 

We offer a one stop shop for the different services and have packages to suit your needs.

Our services include the entire life cycle of the solution from design to maintenance

copyright 2012 10jumps Llc.

copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.