Real-time intelligence for Wireless Networks

Real-time intelligence for Wireless Networks

Issues with wireless industry

With the growth in mobile data and the need for mobile companies to support the large amounts of complex data, the wireless network providers are faced with two big challenges that are effecting their Growth and Profitability.

1. 2G, 3G and 4G networks need to co-exist. While this enhances the data throughput in the mobile network, the network themselves are becming increasingly complex.

2. For the first time, the mobile comapanies have to deal with big data - i.e large amounts of complex data from different sources.

In order to support the customer's data requriements, the mobile infrastructure providers not only have to analyze the traffic load but they have to be able to "predict it". 

With the diaspora of devices (and data formats) and huge amounts of data, wireless providers need a specialized analytics solution that can deal with big data and perform predictive analytics.

At 10jumps, we have built the "Real-time Mobile Intelligence for Wireless Broadband Networks" analytics solution which adresses exactly this problem. At the core of it, SAP HANA provides real-time 

and predictive analytics. 

Hadoop helps to aggregate data from various devices which is gathered through specific connectors. 

Demo to show the PoC:

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