Free Drupal Resources and Training

Free Drupal Resources and Training

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We provide Drupal getting started training free of cost or obligations

At 10jumps we work on website developments, mobile applications, cloud infrastructure and ERP integrations.

As we handle projects we come across valuable resources and blogs and learn the latest technology trends. We try to make use of the newest and trendiest technology solutions for our projects.

For a long time we have been workin heavily on Drupal. Making use of its rich and flexible modules to develop small and big projects.

The following video shows the integration scenario between Drupal and SAP HR system. The motivation behind this integration scenario is to provide easy and simple accessibility to businesses who are need of such integrations. Drupal is the opensource CMS which is being used heavily nowadays and integrating it to SAP will make it more flexible and enable a rich CMS website to use robust SAP systems in the backend. This video was also featured in a SAP hosted Acquia demonstration. Contact if you have any question.

SAP ES Workplace: An awesome site for understanding and testing all SAP delivered services:


SAP has a site called "ES Workplace" - Enterprise Services Workplace where all the ES delivered by SAP are consolidate in one place. The aim is to improve adoption of these services and for learning and testing purposes.

The site is at:


The first step is to get access to the system using The system that hosts all these services is HU2. You can also use sap_esw/eswork123 if you do no want to register.


The Enterprise service bundle for HCM Master data (Human Capital Management) can be accessed with


Also available are numerous simple samples that covers all the steps involved in a business process. For example: Create Leave Request business process uses nearly 7 services to perform the business operation.


All the Drupal scenarios use services from the HCM Master data ES bundle.


Since the SAP webservice and the Drupal commons are in different network we do not use Single sign on, rather we use a username/password authentication mechanism to connect to the SAP webservice. For this testing purpose we use the same user name/password for all our connections. Ideally we would be using the SSO, and each user would be connection to SAP using their own credentials.


All the SAP webservices are defined using a standard WSDL with one or more SOAP Action defined in it. All the SAP specific variables are defined using their own namespaces like "". Each SOAP Action takes optionally one or more arguments. To invoke a SAP webservice, you need to invoke a SOAP Action passing relevant parameters, and get back a return XML. Each of these services can be tested right in the ES Workplace (ofcourse only using IE) using the "Test with WS Navigator" button, which is a really useful tool to understand the workings of the webservice.

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