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11 Feb

What's new in Drupal 8

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Hey all now days Drupal community is very hard at work in developing Drupal 8. If you are passionate about Drupal and want to contribute to Drupal 8 but not finding any source to start then this is blog can help you.

What we will cover in this blog :-

1       How to take Drupal 8 stable core to your local machine and start developing with it.

2       What's new in Drupal 8? Read more »

09 Feb

How to setup Drupal project instance on AWS EC2

in AWS, Cloud, cloud migration, CloudComputing, Drupal, Drupal Planet, Drupal setup, ec2

In this blog I will drive you through setting up Drupal project instance on Ec2 micro instance of AWS and setting up ftp on your Drupal instance. Before this, of course you have to register with AWS which is straightforward.

So, what we will understand from this blog:-

1       Choosing OS and assigning some security rules on our instance.

2       How to access our instance and play around it? Read more »

28 Dec

Doxygen and your project

This blog will give you practical knowledge of why and how you can use Doxygen . You have heard this word Doxygen many times but don't know what exactly it is ? Or may be majority didn't hear about this technology. So it’s time to do friendship with Doxygen and make your life easier. So let's start.

What Doxygen actually is ? Read more »

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