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09 Feb

5 ways to fall in love with your workplace this Valentine!


For those you are already planning for this special day of the year, I am sure it’s the most exciting feeling! Sharing, caring and showing love for that special person in your live is something we should do every day and not just on a special day!

What if that love is not a person at all? What if that special thing is actually a place where you spend time most of the day every day? What if that place is where your heart belongs?

For most of us it’s our work place! For some it’s the most special corner where we turn our dreams into reality. The special corner where we sit down and dream every day, make plans how to achieve those dreams, execute on those plans and enjoy the results.

A piece of the heart also belongs to that corner. So why not celebrate it this Valentine with that special place too! Read more »

18 Jan

SAP HANA initiatives

Bay Area SAP HANA Meetup


SAP HANA is something that got me hooked on very quickly.  Being one of the coolest products from SAP in a while. SAP HANA is a unique in-memory database promising speed that no one else has, something absolutely worth digging in to.

My team set up a research operation under 10jumps. We quickly built a prototype on SAP HANA for Telecom Company as a pilot and showcased our demo at one of the Startup Forums.

  Read more »

06 Jan

Matrix multiplication in R

If you have used R, you have probably had to deal with matrix multiplication I see a lot of times when programmers are frustrated when the martix multiplication does not work. Suppose you had the following lines of code: Read more »

11 Sep

zero to Hadoop in 15 minutes

in analytics, big data, Hadoop

In this post, I will show you how to setup a single node Hadoop on your machine and copy a file to the Hadoop FS.
In the next tutorial we will run an actual java program using Hadoop.

You can download Hadoop from one of its mirror sites. If you are getting Hadoop 1.0.3, you can go directly to Read more »

31 Aug

10jumps presented at SAP HANA Startup Forum

It was a very exciting phase to prepare for the SAP Startup forum. When we got selected to present we digged in to our demo and presentation to give it our best. Thanks to the SAP team to give us the opportunity to showcase our proof-of-concept that we have been cooking on HANA.

Problem we are solving: Read more »

16 May

Meet us at TIECON 2012 booth # 94

Just while some of our Facebook  friends are dreaming of becoming millionaires we would be meeting many more friends whose dreams are to be the next Facebook!

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07 Apr

Setup Eclipse to work with your remote server and Drupal plugin

in Drupal, Drupal Planet, Drupal Planet, eclipse, RSE

Very often we work on projects that are hosted on a remote server. There are multiple ways to work on the remote files:

1. ssh into the remote machine and use an editor like vi or emacs to edit the files

2. Develop on your local machine and FTP every change

The second choice is preferable if you want to use an IDE or if the conenction to the server is slow.

However, there is a 3rd approach, that combines the above two. If you are using Eclipse or NetBeans as your editor, then you can connect your editor to the remote server over FTP. I will only cover Eclipse since that is what I use. Read more »

15 Jan

Drupal 7 views 3 - filter for users

in Drupal Planet

If you are new to Drupal 7 and are creating views, there are lot of changes in what is exposed in the filters. One of the reasons is because Drupal 7 uses views 3.

One example is if you want to create a view of content and you want to add current user as a filter so the uses only see their content.  Read more »

18 Dec

Modify views filter query with hook_hook_views_query_alter

in Drupal, Drupal Planet, Drupal Planet, exposed filter, exposed filter, search, search, views, views

If you are familiar with Drupal Views, you might have come across a very nifty feature called exposed filters. If you expose one of the fields as a filter then views provides a widget and a search option, where the exposed field can be searched. There is good video to learn about filter here.

However, we needed to extend the functionality so all the fields of the content type are exposed as  ‘searchable’ fields, not just the exposed fields. If we expose every fields explicitly, then the views filter will create a textbox for each field, which is not pretty. So in our example, we wanted to search ‘Person’ content type. And if the user entered either the first name, last name, address, of any of the values for the fields in the Person content type, a result would be returned. Read more »

14 Nov

Configure Linkpoint to work with Ubercart

in 1129, Drupal, firstdata, linkpoint, payment gateway, ubercart

If you are using the Linkpoint API (or Firstdata) as your payment gateway, you might get an error that the connection was refused. The fix is very simple.

Make sure the port 1129 on your server is open both inbound and outbound. This is the port on which Linkpoint receives request for transactions.

To check if the port is open, you can run a curl command from the shell:

curl Read more »

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