18 Dec

Top 10 drupal modules you must have

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There are several modules I have used during building sites. I am not going to get into details of the modules because you should visit the modules. But by far, the most important / useful modules for me have been:

1. Views ; You can think of views as output to your custom query (except you don't write the query). There are several ways to present the views and Calendar is one example. So this is a query builder which can execute queries at run time and present the data however you want. Read more »

02 Dec

Drupal resources

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1. Pro Drupal Development, Second EditionJohn K. VanDyk Create your own modules, themes, filters, etc. Probably not the best first drupal book, since it is a little advanced in some areas 2. Learning Drupal 6 Module Development, Matt Butcher A good first book for Drupal development and it also show how to leverage some of the existing devl tools in Drupal 3. Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery, Matt Butcher You will (and should) use this book because at some point you have the face the javascript devil in Drupal. This is really good book on JQuery especially. Read more »

26 Nov

Debugging Drupal with Eclipse

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This was one of the most frustrating setups for me, not because it is difficult, but because it is very important to get the xdebug library absolutely correct. For a long time it seemed that everyone could debug but me. There were no posting pointing to the problems I was having, so here it is: I have a wamp install with Eclipse. I am running php5.2.9-2. This is important to know because the library has to match the php version.

1. For this version of php, I downloaded the debug library : . There are several libraries listed on the site, and the hard part was to get to the right one.

2. This file was copied to <something>\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.9-2\ext Read more »

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