25 Aug

Android integration with Facebook and Twitter:

Are you an Android developer who wants to integrate your app with Twitter and Facebook so that your end user can:

1. Login with Twitter

2. Post messages to Twitter

It’s not so hard to achieve these two - if you know what you are doing. And the steps below should make it easy for you to achieve the desired results.

I did find it easier to integrate Facebook than integrating Twitter. And you will see why. So let’s get the difficult one out of the way and handle the Twitter integration.

Twitter integration with Android:

The basic steps are:

1. You have to create an Account on Twitter before you do anything.

2. Register you application with Twitter here (

3. Create the Activity to enter your tweet

4. Authenticate users and let the user grant you access to your application so your application can post on his/her stream

5. Sit back and smile Read more »

14 Aug

Path of least resistance - Go Android

I have developed applications on the three of the most common platforms - iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Did I hear someone say what about MS and Nokia? They are quite non existent as either the phones or good development support respectively are missing. And to me the effort is not worthwhile. Read more »

02 Jul

AHAH forms in Drupal

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AHAH is a way to allow developers to add new form elements to an existing form (on a page) asynchronously, without reloading the page again. Please refer the detailed fapi on AHAH.

The main steps for creating an AHAH form are:

1. Attach the AHAH property to a form element. (Not all form elements support AHAH)

2. Declare a callback function which should be called 

3. Implement the callback function Read more »

02 Apr

Drupal- SAP integration continued: SAP ES Workplace perspective

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SAP ES Workplace: An awesome site for understanding and testing all SAP delivered services:


SAP has a site called "ES Workplace" - Enterprise Services Workplace where all the ES delivered by SAP are consolidate in one place. The aim is to improve adoption of these services and for learning and testing purposes. Read more »

28 Mar

Setup your own Drupal in the Amazon EC2

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Amazon AWS + Drupal

(Some familiarity with Amazon AWS is assumed.)

I have always wanted to setup a high performance Drupal on an AWS EC2. There are several advantages of running your website (or web application) on the AWS. Amazon EC2 creates and provisions virtual Linux (or Windows) servers for you and charge you an hourly rate for usage.

With AWS, it becomes easy to distribute and share the Drupal image with others. And of course it is much easier to scale and is definitely cheaper. You can have different virtual servers running the search engine, database and application servers, therefore all scaling independently of each other.

With the introduction of Micro instances and better yet, free micro instances, the barrier to entry for a new user has really dropped. 

I assume you have or can create an Amazon AWS account and use their management console. These aspects are very well covered in Amazon's site and I will not get into the details of creating an account, etc. Amazon has done a great job of creating the documentation and tutorials for getting started.

I will show how to:

1. Setup a LAMP stack on Ubuntu

2. Setup Drupal on the LAMP stack

3. How to install phpmyadmin

4. Configure the database to reside in the EBS instead of the ephemeral instance storage.

22 Mar

SAP and Drupal Integration

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At 10jumps we use Drupal heavily. Drupal offers  very flexible, robust and rich UI experience. It is the platform we feel confident of proposing to our clients for their websites.

One of our recent research work at 10jumps alongwith Acquia was to tinker around with Drupal and SAP integration. Read more »

19 Mar

New Wedding planet launched with drupal

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New Wedding Planet

New wedding planet offers video courses and certification for wedding planners. They offer very high quality content to which paid members can subscribe and learn how to plan a wedding professionally. As Silicon Valley software engineers, our team customizes Content Management Systems (CMS) for an international roster of online business, information, and networking organizations. Read more »

19 Feb

Are you looking to get a new website that you can manage yourself easily?

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Why should you know about Drupal?

Website is mandatory. Every kind of business small, medium, big or humongous will have to have a website. It’s like the first thing you do after you register your company. Gone are the days when the business owners needed to be convinced of why a website will help in building the brand, improving sales, boosting marketing and the bottom line. Read more »

08 Feb

Add one or more custom submit handlers in Drupal

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It is fairly trivial and useful to add one or more custom submit handlers in Drupal. in other words, when the user hits the submit button, you can write own handlers to interrupt the normal flow and perform custom actions on the form data. Like what you ask? Read more »

21 Jan

Drupal in the cloud Beyond Content management

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Drupal is widely recognized as a great content management system, but we strongly believe that Drupal offers a lot more than that – a framework, a platform, and a set of technology – to build and run enterprise applications, specifically on the cloud. This post is an attempt to explore the benefits and potential of Drupal on the cloud.

  Read more »

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