SAP HANA initiatives

18 Jan

SAP HANA initiatives

Bay Area SAP HANA Meetup


SAP HANA is something that got me hooked on very quickly.  Being one of the coolest products from SAP in a while. SAP HANA is a unique in-memory database promising speed that no one else has, something absolutely worth digging in to.

My team set up a research operation under 10jumps. We quickly built a prototype on SAP HANA for Telecom Company as a pilot and showcased our demo at one of the Startup Forums.


The Startup Forum itself is a brilliant idea and a great platform. The Forum is an absolutely new way of operating coming from SAP. Given my past experience, I have never seen SAP trying to reach out to the startup community so aggressively before.

As 10jumps, through the program, we got selected for Sapphire Madrid.

Happy moment! After our trainings on SAP HANA and meetings with the Startup Focus teams our team felt that we achieved one of our major milestones!

Along the journey I realized that SAP HANA is something that has potential of building a community outside SAP just like any other open source tool.  After busting all the myths about ‘SAP’s old fashioned ERP style’, SAP produces a product that is more “Startup like”!

This thought pushed me to create a Meetup group and open it up to all the SAP HANA/Big Data enthusiasts who, like me, enjoy brainstorming ideas around SAP HANA. The goal is to learn, share and work on cool ideas.

The Meetups are coming along great. We already have had 2 events sponsored by SAP with a mixed crowd of more than 50 (Big Data/SAP ERP/BI consultants) enthusiasts. This has been a fantastic experience in getting great minds together into such informative sessions. Thank you to the SAP teams who’ve supported the Meetups and delivered such interesting sessions.

It was very interesting to see the audience coming from a Hadoop experience and then digging into SAP HANA features. This is just the start with the goal to have many more such sessions.

Going ahead we want to channelize it to bring more people on board (developers and analysts/consultants) and work out various levels/tracks and learn more on SAP HANA.

I am looking forward to the day when we have a big community outside SAP using and talking about SAP HANA and be interested in building apps on it.

Special credits to: SAP HANA Product Management, Research team, Startup Focus Team, Developer network team and SAP facilities.

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copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.