New Wedding planet launched with drupal

19 Mar

New Wedding planet launched with drupal

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New Wedding Planet

New wedding planet offers video courses and certification for wedding planners. They offer very high quality content to which paid members can subscribe and learn how to plan a wedding professionally. As Silicon Valley software engineers, our team customizes Content Management Systems (CMS) for an international roster of online business, information, and networking organizations.

When we were retained by New Wedding Planet based on our reputation and location, we were asked to engineer the best website features and functionality possible for motivated individuals training to become a wedding planner. For a site rich in text, images, and video that provides cutting-edge training to become a wedding planner, we knew we needed to keep it simple, elegant, and user-friendly. Members view online video tutorials as often as they like, then take online quizzes to test their knowledge when they're ready. They’re encouraged to comment on each video and quiz as they go, giving instant customer feedback for ways to improve videos, quizzes, and course content. No deadlines or downloads, but instant user-interaction. We liked that! We think New Wedding Planet is revolutionizing the way to become a wedding planner, get certified, and receive business development support. Flexible learning schedules and self-paced courses make it easy, and the videos are entertaining. We liked that too.

Why Drupal?

Once we heard the requirements, we looked at the technology options. There are several agile web development frameworks that would work for this new idea. After comparing effort, elegance, and turnaround time – and carefully analyzing the front-end features already developed for New Wedding Planet’s splash page – we concluded that Drupal was the best choice, for three reasons: Several building pieces already existed. Our client wanted seamlessness for the user. And they needed responsive, real-time control mechanisms to upload videos, manage quizzes, and build a busy blog.

Also, Drupal has three basic benefits we suggest anyone who wants to become a wedding planner consider when the time comes to create an interactive website that will be affordable to configure and attractive to prospective clients:

• It is non-profit, non-prorietary, and open source, with a supportive international community of developers

• It provides most web application functionality out of the box which reduces both effort and cost

• Its framework is very secure and highly scalable Our company motto is ‘build for the future, not the present.’ Drupal is a great platform for future growth, especially if your business is starting small. Which Drupal Modules Did We Choose? One of the challenges we encountered using Drupal for New Wedding Planet was the degree of navigation flow and membership, quiz, and communication elegance required. In part, we met this challenge by implementing so-called hooks.

• For course quizzes, we used Drupal’s Quiz Module. This allows the client to create, score, and modify quizzes instantaneously. They love it!

• For member registration, we used Moneyscripts. We prefer this module over Ubercart because it’s easier to configure, utilize, and control. Like the better known Ubercart, it’s a secure-payment module, but we think it’s cleaner to use.

• For streaming the videos we used Drupal’s Video Module and Video Js. Both are fun to work with, though they present some challenges in regard to cross-browser compatibility and configuration.

• To handle emails, we employed Mimemail. The main gotcha with Mimemail is configuration with the hosting providers: Email configuration can vary across different service providers, and some don’t allow external SMTP servers .

• Finally, to override the hooks and customize the site’s membership subscription and notification process, we created custom modules for the client based on their specific requirements and needs.

This can be time-consuming, but it’s absolutely essential where complete security of monetary transaction and mind are concerned. What’s Next? Most recently, we configured the blog feature for New Wedding Planet. The client wanted the blog to look and feel like the website pages, and it’s obviously working well. Going forward, we will make tweeks to the site’s functionality as needed over time.

Public response to its open, elegant quality has been enthusiastic, so we don’t anticipate ‘going back to the drawing board’ for this client any time soon. Meanwhile, because they’re pretty tech-savvy, they’ve gotten hooked on Drupal.

They recommend a brand new book – ‘Drupal 7’ by Tom Geller – for technically inclined individuals who want to become a wedding planner and need to find the right CMS for their new wedding website. We agree. Drupal worked for them. It may for you!

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