Infrastructure availability and SLA

06 Feb

Infrastructure availability and SLA

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If you have had to deal with SLA (service level agreements) from your internal IT or an external vendor, the availability (uptime) is one of the first questions. This is a number usually presented as a percentage (usually 99.9%. Adding or removing a few 9 after decimal might not seem to matter much, but in reality it could. The table depicts the points: Total downtime (HH:MM:SS)

Availability Per day Per month Per year
99.999% 00:00:00.4 00:00:26 00:05:15
99.990% 00:00:08 00:04:22 00:52:35
99.900% 00:01:26 00:43:49 08:45:56
99.000% 00:14:23 07:18:17 87:39:29

While a 99% uptime SLA might not be acceptable because it is still high (14 minutes downtime per day), paying for 99.999% uptime might be an overkill as well. The most common SLA numbers I have seen are 99.9% or 99.99% . Hysterically, though I have also seen 100% uptime SLA, but these companies are only asking for trouble for themselves, because I do not believe 100% uptime is practical even with every high availability algorithm and network architecture in place. Hopefully these numbers are useful when you have to decide next time.

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