EC2, GoGrid comparison

06 Feb

EC2, GoGrid comparison

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I saw the Gartner report on Cloud providers recently. Having worked on EC2 a bit, I am more familiar with EC2 API and features. But I have colleagues who are currently struggling with Terramark integration. Terramark is using vCloud API from VMWare. But given how nascent vCloud APIs are currently, they are mostly scripts that one has to download and consume. EC2 API on the other hand are far more polished and they have been quicker to respond to customer demands and requirements. I am not necessarily advocating EC2, but I find it more favorable than some of the other cloud providers so far. Based on the instance definition of EC2 and their pricing model, they seem to be cheaper than GoGrid pricing Sample pricing from some of the options from both providers is listed as under (as of this post):


  processor RAM disk size cost per hour $
GoGrid 1 x Xeon 0.5 GB 30 GB 0.0950
  6 X Xeon 8 GB 480 GB 1.5200
Amazon 1 virtual core 1.7 GB 160 GB 0.0850
  2 virtual cores 7.5 GB 850GB 0.34

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