Drupal resources

02 Dec

Drupal resources

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1. Pro Drupal Development, Second EditionJohn K. VanDyk Create your own modules, themes, filters, etc. Probably not the best first drupal book, since it is a little advanced in some areas 2. Learning Drupal 6 Module Development, Matt Butcher A good first book for Drupal development and it also show how to leverage some of the existing devl tools in Drupal 3. Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery, Matt Butcher You will (and should) use this book because at some point you have the face the javascript devil in Drupal. This is really good book on JQuery especially.


Learn By The Drop Good podcast. Stays on the topic
Lullabot They are a group expert in Drupal. Very detailed and expert level content. Most things are not free though.
Drupal Dude Good resources for 5.x.
Awakened Voice Learning Center Video tours and tutorials that will help you increase your knowledge of how to use the social web to transform your business.
DrupalTherapy Drupaltherapy offers training, coaching and hand holding for Drupal users of all skill levels.

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