Drupal 7 is here!

14 Jan

Drupal 7 is here!

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Party time!

Drupal 7 has been released today following intensive development. Hundreds of developers have contributed to making Drupal 7 more powerful than ever.The release of Drupal 7 was celebrated gloablly on January 7, 2011. Check out drupal7releaseparty.org for more details.

Are you still wondering what is drupal?

Drupal is a free software platform to publish, manage and organize a various content on a website. It is just not a website but content, collaboration, administration, user management and much more.

So what can you do with drupal?

Build a webisite - build websites with no need to code like geeks. Drupal provides a robust framework of core and extensivble modules which can be used very easily to build a professional, secured and attractive website.

Create content without coding - Create and manage your content on the website with the easy to use interfaces and WYSIWYG & rich-text editors.Drupal allows you to easily build custom forms that allow users to create and manage content without needing to know HTML or CSS. You can create any kind of content and manage them on your website. So you do not need to go back to code everytime you need to change the content.

Administer website easily- with Drupal, administering a site is easier than ever. You can manage Content, Appearance, People, Structure, and Configuration. There are innumerous modules to help you expand these configurable features with more settings. Administering the website does not require any knowledge of coding. Drupal 7 comes with a new Dashboard feature, a module that provides users with personalized dashboard pages similar to iGoogle or MyYahoo. You can also have users, roles and permissions for the content, modules and functions on your website.   . Last but not least for the geeks there is a Command Line Tool for Drupal.

Organize & Find - Organizing and finding content is very convenient with drupal. Creating huge content rich websites is very easy in drupal and the search module works great.

Collaborate-Collaboration and communicative websties are one of the greatest features of drupal. Simple social networking websites can be created out-of-the box very easily with very less customization. There are many good modules like Organic groups and Forums, Calendar modules which provide great support for collaboration.

SEO - with drupal SEO modules you can very easily optimize your website for the search engines so that it shows up appropriately and your traffic increases.

These were few of the benefits that drupal provides us. It is an open source and is free. Want to get your hands on drupal for your next website? If not go to drupal community.

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copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.