Are you looking to get a new website that you can manage yourself easily?

19 Feb

Are you looking to get a new website that you can manage yourself easily?

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Why should you know about Drupal?

Website is mandatory. Every kind of business small, medium, big or humongous will have to have a website. It’s like the first thing you do after you register your company. Gone are the days when the business owners needed to be convinced of why a website will help in building the brand, improving sales, boosting marketing and the bottom line.

Every business owner knows that the website is a must not only to reach out to potential customers but also to establish an online presence and a strong identity. It is the face of the company’s values, services/products, expertise and trends. That is what people see first nowadays before actually calling in.

Move on to CMS. Now, that a website is the most important thing for a business the next step comes to make it search-engine-friendly and scalable. You can achieve that in many ways by developing it in various platforms or frameworks etc but what you would be missing is the convenience and robustness of a Content Management System (CMS). CMS can help you build a stable, stunning, SEO- friendly and configurable website in a very short period of time as compared to building it in HTML or any other form from scratch. You can now have more control over your website without having to depend on any other vendor to manage it and implement the changes as and when you need in minutes. You will not only have a great website but also save on your website’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Drupal is open source and free. So if you have time and interest to build it yourself it’s a very easy to learn framework. Otherwise we are there to help you.

Get on the Drupal bandwagon. Drupal is the most happening open source today. There are numerous business, governments, schools and corporations adapting to Drupal. Drupal is very powerful and can be used for building large, complex sites. Some example Drupal sites are:

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Stay tuned for the next blog in which you can learn the top 10 reasons to love Drupal for.

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