5 ways to fall in love with your workplace this Valentine!

09 Feb

5 ways to fall in love with your workplace this Valentine!


For those you are already planning for this special day of the year, I am sure it’s the most exciting feeling! Sharing, caring and showing love for that special person in your live is something we should do every day and not just on a special day!

What if that love is not a person at all? What if that special thing is actually a place where you spend time most of the day every day? What if that place is where your heart belongs?

For most of us it’s our work place! For some it’s the most special corner where we turn our dreams into reality. The special corner where we sit down and dream every day, make plans how to achieve those dreams, execute on those plans and enjoy the results.

A piece of the heart also belongs to that corner. So why not celebrate it this Valentine with that special place too!

I can go on and on how to make that special place feel more special on Valentine’s Day! Here is a summary in 5 easy ways. You might have to write them down in bold big letters and stick it on the wall.

1.      Top 3 reasons why your workplace is special to you. Write down the top 3 reasons you think your workplace is special to you in clear and bold letters. Stick it up! That is a great way to tell your work place how special it is.

2.      Top 3 reasons why you are special. Write down top 3 reasons you think you are the best candidate to be there. Your work place should also know why you are special. Maybe you need to check up if the feelings are mutual.

3.      Greatest passion.  Share your greatest passion that drives you to your work place every day. This is something you started out with. With the pressure of work, deadlines, office politics and so many other things, we forget why we even started out in the first place. It is easy to feel stuck, bored and lose interest. But it is time to rekindle the fire that you had and let your workplace know that it’s still there.

4.      The top 3 goals you want to achieve.  The big goals and dreams of your life that you want to achieve….does your workplace know of it? Share it. It can be your 5 yr goals or your current goals. Whatever it is your work place should know what you want to achieve from the corner where you spend so much time of your life.

5.      Make each other happy.  Just like it is your responsibility to make your special person in your life happy it is also your task to see that your work place is happy. Keep it organized and clean. Take care of it. Keep the most important things to do visible. Tell your workplace the 3 magic words every day. Your workplace will tell it to you magically as well in its own ways.

By doing a reality check on your dreams, vision and mission once in a while the journey to success becomes more transparent and helps you get out of monotony and slump. It will help you and your companies grow!

copyright 2012 10jumps Llc.

copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.