5 steps to help you with your internet marketing!

03 Jan

5 steps to help you with your internet marketing!

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We have made big jumps in the Internet marketing techniques in the last decade. In the past the banner advertising worked well and very little was known about the search engine optimization until Google came up.

The right formula for a perfect online presence of any business is:

Internet marketing success = perfect business model+ awesome website+ Great website traffic

Now if we try to focus then we can summarize the above in 5 comprehensive steps.

1. Search Engine Optimization:   It improves the visibility of the website pages in search engines. The higher the website shows up on search engine more the number of visitors for the website.

  • For a better SEO you have to determine the keywords and phrases you want to focus on and need a lot of research on the algorithms and formula for ranking websites
  • Allocate the different keywords and phrases to different pages of your website based on content.
  • Use the keywords and phrases appropriately across your website pages. Its best to include them in the page title, text on page, alt tags, headers, meta tags, descriptions of meta tags and comment tags.
  • Keep updating your website content with relevant and latest information and improve the dynamics of your website. Visitors would not find your website sticky if the website content is static.

2. Link strategies: Linking related websites is becoming very popular nowadays. Recently organizations have taken a very strategic approach in getting linked from as many websites as possible to improve link popularity.

  • The best way to do it is to collect an extensive list of your competitor websites.
  • Choose a link popularity tool which will provide list of all the sites that are linking to a specific websites and gather the linking sites of your list from step 1.
  • Now screen the list and write to the ones you feel are relevant to trade or promote your website link.
  • Follow up and make sure that the link works.

3. Internet advertising: Internet advertising can be categorized into rich media, search engine, contextual and behavioral.

  • Rich media is refers to streaming audio, video or applets that allow user interaction and special effects. Focus on the size and placement of the advertisements.
  • Search advertisements refer to the Google AdWords, pay-per-click ads. This type of advertisement can be measured and configured according to the popularity of the keywords etc. You can target your market based on countries, languages, user preferences and behavior.
  • Contextual advertising refers to targeted ad on the web page based on the content the web page is displaying. This is a great way to reach out to your potential customers with very less cost and more exposure. It also helps in strengthening the branding.
  • Behavioral advertising is based in the previous behavior or activity on the web page. It is the way to identify potential customers based on searches they have done previously, sites visited and actions taken based on the ads. It is done by installing cookies on the user's computers.

4. Blogging and podcasts: Blogging is a very important part of any website that wants to be promoted online. So if you have not started doing it then its best for you to have a blog either on any of the blogging websites  or an integral website. write on all the relevant products or services that you offer. Make it informative, comprehensive and interesting.  Blogs have a number of interesting Internet Marketing applications.

  • Paid advertising on other people's blogs
  • Sponsorship opportunities on other blogs
  • Corporate owned and operated blogs
  • Link strategies and commenting
  • Follow the latest trends in your industry and try to create some interesting podcasts, webinars or video blogs on your website which would attract more visitors to your websites.

5 . Grow your marketing channels: Gone are the days of print media and press releases. With the latest trends and internet evolution comes the various different ways you can market your business online and with much less money.

  • Affiliate marketing: partner up with potential programs or organizations which would be willing to promote your services or offerings. Affiliates send targeted prequalified potential customers to your websites. You should select the ones which shares the same target market as your business
  • Mobile marketing: Jump onboard and start spending money on mobile marketing. Most people are using mobile phones as a way to surf nowadays so it makes more sense to invest in mobile marketing.
  • Viral marketing: It is probably the most economic if not free to market your business online. With the latest social media explosion no business can stay away from it. It is the best channel to utilize. Your business would get a global and maximum visibility with no cost. Successful viral promotions can be categorized into 3 - entertainment, deals or freebies, humanitarian. You can offer promotions through your Facebook, twitter and other social media channels and attract more customers. You can also measure the reach of the viral promotions via the offerings and promotions.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is old but still continues to be an important marketing channel. Today because of anti spam laws you have to be careful that your emails marketings, newsletter etc are permission based and have unsubscribe options. The emails should be focused on- growing database of target market, learning about the people in the database and profiling, updating database consistently, encouraging people to spread the word

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copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.