10jumps presented at SAP HANA Startup Forum

31 Aug

10jumps presented at SAP HANA Startup Forum

It was a very exciting phase to prepare for the SAP Startup forum. When we got selected to present we digged in to our demo and presentation to give it our best. Thanks to the SAP team to give us the opportunity to showcase our proof-of-concept that we have been cooking on HANA.

Problem we are solving:

Dec of 2011, the most reliable 4G network in the united states was down….It was not just down, it was plagued with repeated outages and network issues. And… this is not just faced by Verizon alone – almost all operators face this and will continue to face this regularly.

Unlike a software upgrade, 4G doesn’t displace 3G and 4G. 4G has to live with the legacy of 3G and 2G. This creates a huge operational and management complexity for 4g –the operational complexity almost increases exponentially. For example – traditional challenges like in-network roaming, handoff, security etc is further compounded by new challenges – like vertical handoffs, network choice selection and provisioning, troubleshooting etc.

Every OEM vendor is providing their own toolsets which are completely siloed.

Firstly data volume is going to explore = We did a detailed inventory and analysis of a network operator in India – one single state, single OEM, single operator. We came up with 15000 equipments – from antennas , base station controllers all the way to backhaul servers. These equiments even at a 30 minute intervals can generate 5B datasets per month.

Secondly, data complexity is going to explore. Why? because the network is truly heterogenous – no common taxonomy, ontology and frequency. 

Finally, the intelligence from this data has a narrow time to value. For example, this intelligence is useless once a major outage occurs. 

What you have here is a poster child big data problem and there are no single real time solution.

This is going to affect all the elements of your P/L. It is going affect your c-sat scores why – you want 4G to rock when there is a conference going on in Moscone center. It is going to affect your revenue ARPU and it is going to affect your op-ex budget – why because you want to anticipate network demand and make suitable network choices.

So what you need to achieve this. You need a vendor independent, real-time, end-to-end network monitoring and intelligence solution. At 10Jumps we are exactly building that…


Our Solution:

Our solution is built on open architecture which collects data from all the equipments in realtime – we can rampup and ramp down equipments quickly, we can perform complex mathematics on top of the data we collect – our engineers are building killer predictive models on this and intelligently route these views to appropriate parties. 

Looking forward to working on SAP HANA integration and taking our POC furtehr on.

copyright 2012 10jumps Llc.

copyright 2012 10jumps LLC.